This little one is James and he was such a fun little trooper during their family photoshoot over the weekend! He was dressed in the cutest big boy outfits and was so curious during the entire shoot.

When he gave us these coy little grins, we had to act fast with the camera!

When we took the session outdoors, he just wanted to look all around and explore, and who can blame him really!

When James was posing with his parents he was having a good time! They were all such a pleasure to photograph and we are glad that they braved the heat outside to capture these outdoor shots!

We just loved this shot of James between his parents, he was giving his parents just the cutest funniest face expressions, he had us laughing the whole shoot!

We love the photos of James in his parents arms, it really shows just how little and precious baby James is! Just look how small he looks in comparison to dads hands!

James is in the running for baby with the best hair for sure! He has such a cute little head of hair, we love how it swoops to the side!

WE GOT A SMILE! He must have thought Kelly was funny after all! We love capturing all kinds of expressions and faces, but we have to admit, little grins are our favorites!

We were asked if we could incorporate a family handmade gift for James into the photoshoot, and we LOVE it!

What a cute little elephant, it even says his name! Whatever we can do to personalize these photos for clients, we are happy to do!

Castro Family Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thank you Castro family for having us photography your beautiful family! Little James is precious and we already can’t wait until we see y’all in the studio again!