There’s no shortage of great photographers in the Richmond, Va area.  My goal is to give my clients great photos of their babies from an enjoyable studio experience at an affordable cost. I customize my sessions according to the specifications of each client, using colors, props, and backdrops to match the styling they have requested for their session.  I take into account the age and size of the baby, any outfits or items that the parents are bringing from home, and any inspiration photos or ideas that the parents have mentioned.

For this particular session, mom told me she was bringing a black and white romper with a black headband.  She said that she envisioned that outfit with a yellow background.  I had a yellow backdrop ready to go, and chose to use yellow props and accessories to tie the entire session together.  That way if mom and dad wanted to hang up several photos together on a wall, there would be a continuous look throughout the different poses.

I bet you had no idea that much though went into planning one little adorable session!

Meet Elliana, super cute and super smiley with all her yellow accessories!

Elliana-35 Elliana-12 Elliana-14 Elliana-19 Elliana-11