Yesterday on Facebook I announced that I am now offering year-round mini-sessions for babies in their first year.   These are called Little Star sessions and here’s the skinny:

Why?  Simply because I love babies and love to watch them grow.  I listened to clients who told me they’d love to come back for more pictures in their baby’s first year but (A) can’t afford another full session (B) don’t think their baby will last for a full session (C) only have time for a quick session with their busy schedules.

How did I come up with the idea for Little Stars sessions?  Being a mom, I have lullabies ingrained in my subconscious.  Often during a newborn session I will soothe a baby by singing twinkle, twinkle, little star without even thinking about it.  And that’s who these babies are and the intent of these sessions, to focus on your Little Star.  Then I had to decide on the length of the session, number of images, and price.  In my experience, you’ve got about a 30 minute window to photograph a baby under one year old (except newborns who can sleep all morning).  Some longer, some shorter, but after a good 45 minutes even the sweetest baby has had enough of me and my camera.  During that 45 minutes, I know I will shoot about 60-75 images and about 20-25 will be “keepers”.  Now the number of images and pricing is more of a business decision, but along the same lines as my spring and fall mini-sessions, most clients seem to be abundantly happy with 5 images and $125 expense.  I do offer the choice to select additional images from your contact sheet for $15 each.  What’s a contact sheet?  A contact sheet is a PDF file of your best unedited images labeled with image numbers for you to choose your favorites from.  Here’s a sample:

With everything in life there’s always some guidelines to follow.  So here’s the fine print:

  • No newborns or cake smashes.  Those sessions require very detailed planning and more time to execute and will not fit into 45 minutes no matter how hard you try.
  • No parents or siblings.  Little star sessions are meant to capture the changes in your baby and document their milestones in their first year.  Siblings and families can be photographed together during a full session, a spring or fall mini-session, or at baby’s one year session.
  • Sessions may be scheduled on Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, or on Saturdays and must take place in my Glen Allen studio.

I have put a lot of thought and consideration into the development of these sessions, and I hope that my newborn clients will all come back to see me several times in their baby’s first year.  I also look forward to meeting new babies who I didn’t meet as newborns and watching them grow in their first year.