This Blissful Baby Photoshoot was a super fun and simple one! Lucas came into the studio 100% ready to be photographed! He was so happy, had us laughing the entire shoot and did everything we could have possibly wanted him to do. From start to finish the entire shoot was about 15 minutes long! Lucas was a champ!

These crawling forward shots have been some of our favorites recently and Lucas’s was no exception! He looked right up into the camera too with those big beautiful brown eyes!

Lucas was flirting with both Photographer Kelly and Studio Manager Molly the entire shoot! He kept us laughing the whole time with his silly expressions and cute giggles!

We decided to take off the dark blue shirt and go for just the white undershirt for a few of the pictures and we are SO glad we did! He looks like such a little man in these photos! We loved the undershirt look for these!

The bucket photos were honestly so fun for him, you can’t hear it from the photos but he was banging on the sides of the bucket, he loved how it sounded!

It wasn’t hard getting these smiling pictures! The ladder photos were fun too, we actually had to stop him from attempting to climb the ladder, he was game for anything!

Lucas's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The Blissful Baby studio special was something we will have to consider doing again, it was so fun having all these cuties in the studio!