I think you can tell me had a great time with Maddox in the studio! He was a little ball of energy and silly expressions! Maddox came in for our Blissful Baby photoshoot special we were offering and he was an absolute doll the entire shoot! His little overalls outfit was too much cuteness for one photo! We just loved how these little Blissful Baby shoots turned out!

Maddox was hilarious, he loved making silly faces and being the center of attention! His big blue eyes photographed so beautiful with the blues in his outfits too!

It really wasn’t a chore getting this little man to smile, he was having a blast during his shoot in the studio! We could have photographed Maddox all day!

This second plaid overalls outfit his mom brought for him was another slam dunk! We just loved these outfits! It’s always so fun to see the different changes of clothing our clients bring in, it makes each photoshoot unique and special and just slightly different than all the rest!

The shots of Maddox laying on his belly looking up turned out to be some of our favorites from the shoot. We kept it simple and really captured all of the cute little expressions, smiles and giggles that he gave us. Sometimes its the more simple shots that truly capture someones personality the most!

Don’t you absolutely fall in love every time you see that little smile, and dimples! He just is too much cute for one child!

Maddox's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

If it wasn’t obvious from the top photos, it is in these last few in the bucket that Maddox’s photoshoot was silly, fun, and full of laughs! Maddox is sticking his little tongue out at us in one of the silly photos and banging on the sides of the bucket in another! Yeah…we would say that Maddox had a great time in the studio! We already want to see him again! These Blissful Baby photoshoot were so much fun to offer, we will definitely have to think about offering them again in the future!