Maddox’s six month session was full of laughter, smiles and fun! He and his brother were so adorable to photograph!

Maddox’s mom specifically requested these little naked photos, and we were so happy to incorporate these poses into the shoot!

Special requests make each shoot more interested and unique to each family! It’s nice to incorporate a few different requested poses into our sessions here at 11 Sixteen Photography.

Maddox and big brother were all smiles during this session, Photographer Kelly must have had some really funny jokes that day!

Aren’t these two just the cutest siblings ever!

We ended up taking the session outside and Maddox couldn’t have been happier! He was bright eyed and thrilled to be outdoors!

Maddox's 6 month session by 11 Sixteen Photography

Nothing is more enjoyable than capturing on camera, important moments and stages in a child’s life! We already can’t wait to have Maddox and his family back in the studio soon!