Have you ever seen such a cute smile in your life! We are so lucky to be able to hang out with adorable newborns, babies, toddlers and children on a normal basis! This little cutie pie is Makenna, and she came in for our Blissful Baby Photoshoot special we had been offering here in the studio! We were so happy to hear that she was coming in for another shoot with us! We have photographed this sweet thing since we was a newborn! The most recent other photoshoot we have done of Makenna was her 6 month old photoshoot and her Mommy and Me photoshoot for our Mothers May deal we were offering for Mothers Day! She is always such a gorgeous little model and we LOVE seeing her in the studio as much as we can!

Every time we see Makenna her eyes get bigger and bluer and her smile gets bigger and more adorable! Makenna is such an expressive little girl!

When we put Makenna in the chair, she was SO happy! She had us cracking up because we could tell how excited she was that the chair was just her perfect little size!

We adored the pink floral dress that Makenna’s mom chose for her shoot, she looks so sweet and fancy, it was just perfect for these backdrops too!

We sat Makenna down in the bucket to photograph her and she was an instant little ball of energy! We quickly got these adorable shots and put her on the ground to crawl towards the camera. We love a crawling shot, and we think Makenna’s turned out just a precious as it possibly could! Look at her big eyes and sweet little smile! It’s hard not to just pick her up and hug her the entire time she is in the studio!

Makenna's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We have used this backdrop recently for these Blissful Baby shoots with the colorful quilt and just have loved how they have turned out! We already can’t wait until the next time we have sweet Makenna in the studio!