This Mommy and Me shoot for our Mothers May special, with Megan (mom) and Zoey (daughter), was a special one! We have photographed little Zoey ever since she was a newborn!

Zoey is at that fun age between one and two where everything she does is adorable! She was a happy little thing during her photoshoot and was such a pleasure to photograph!

We just love Zoey’s big beautiful blue eyes and her adorable big grin!

This peekaboo over the shoulder photo is probably our favorite from the shoot, the expression Zoey has on her face is simply precious!

Zoey and Megan's Mommy and Me shoot

Once again we had such a fun time with Megan and Zoey, we already can’t wait to see them again! It has been so fun watching little Zoey grow from a newborn to a happy playful little toddler!

We actually photographed Zoey and Megan for their Mommy and Me shoot last year and it was an outdoor session that was so cute, you can tell in their photo gallery that Zoey had a blast!