Olivia’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot was super sweet! Olivia has the cutest little smile and big long lashes that made for adorable photos! We just loved her shot adorable white dress her mom dressed her in for her shoot…AND she had a matching bracelet!

We fell in love after we saw these photos of Olivia, this was a fun gallery to go through and edit!

Photos of babies looking straight up laying on their backs are always a favorite pose of ours! Olivia was posing so precious and her smile just melts your heart!

There is something really beautiful about the simple white outfit on a white background. We always love how this simple look turns out in photos.

Olivia looks coupled up so small and adorable in this little white chair, its the perfect prop to show how much a baby has grown but also just how small they still are! Olivia looks so happy to be sitting in a chair that’s just her size too!

Olivia's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The white outfit Olivia is wearing and the dark background photograph beautifully together! We have been loving the bucket prop for our Blissful Baby Photoshoot Specials and all of our little models have loved it too! Olivia’s bucket photos ended up being some of our absolute favorites from the shoot! She looks precious! We already hope to be seeing Olivia in the studio again soon!