The Sprinkel Family Photoshoot was a beautiful shoot outside in Maymont Park during the nice spring weather we had. This was a fun shoot for us, an entirely outdoor shoot was a nice change for us, especially in the beautiful Maymont Park. This is a popular place for local photographers to use for photos and we think we were able to capture some really unique and sweet shots for this beautiful family. The bridge shots turned out just lovely because of the trees framing the family so naturally.

 We were lucky that the weather was gorgeous during our scheduled photoshoot outdoors.

The bridge shots are some of our favorites, there were actually quite a lot of people crossing the bridge during these shots, so we had to be super quick and wait for it to look secluded.

Honestly we are surprised and lucky that we don’t have tons of people walking around in the background of our photos, because the park was actually very busy because of the gorgeous weather.

These photos of baby Maddox and dad Matt are so sweet and we absolutely love how they turned out! We actually used these shots to promote out Fathers Day special we offered.

Maddox’s little blonde hair and big smile made for the absolute cutest photos! We had a great time with this shoot!

The Spinkel Family Photoshoot in Maymont Park by 11 Sixteen Photography

Is there anything more precious than sibling love? We just LOVED this shot of brothers Maddox and Mason!

The Spinkel Family Photoshoot in Maymont Park by 11 Sixteen Photography

When Mason wanted to show us how he could climb a tree, we said “go for it”! We love being able to capture these sweet family memories for our clients! Now wouldn’t the next family shoot be gorgeous if we photographed here in the fall?