One of the cutest birthday cake smashes we have recently done here in the studio is this Elmo cake smash for baby Thor!

We had the best time with Thor during his shoot, he was so precious in his baby tie, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cake. Just look at those big beautiful eyes too!

When Thor realized he could smash the cake, he went to town! He really loved the balloons though, he was mesmerized by them!

Thor gave us the cutest little smile during his after cake smash shoot! This might be our favorite shot of the day honestly!

Thor’s mom dressed him in this cute little superman shirt with a cape and jeans, there is nothing cuter than a baby in jeans!

Raphia, Thor’s mom, requested that we shoot a photo showing a photo from every month of his 1st year. We thought this was a cute unique idea and you can really see

his growth every month which is so fun! Kids grow so fast, so this is a favorite photo for his family for sure!

I think you can tell, Thor had fun outside!

Thor's first Elmo themed birthday by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thor and his family are actually moving to Korea soon, so we are probably not going to be able to see him any time soon, so we wish the absolute best to this loving family!

Thanks for allowing 11 Sixteen Photography to be a part of Thor’s first birthday celebration!