We have really enjoyed offering these Pick Your Pose sessions to our clients! We have really enjoyed allowing our clients to pick the poses they wish to see in their mini shoot. Each client is unique and wants a certain look. The hammock pose is one of our favorites it turns out precious and baby always looks so serine and natural in a hammock. This pose is on the more difficult side because it takes a few extra assistant hands but still a favorite nevertheless. We think that Vera’s hammock pose is simple adorable! She looks so relaxed!

It is always fun styling our newborn shoots, choosing the different color backdrops, blankets, wraps, clothing and headbands is a huge part of the creative process. We love how simple and sweet this Tushy Up pose looks with the cream backdrop blanket and the little off white pants and diamond headband. Baby has to be super sleepy for the hammock pose and the Tushy Up pose and luckily little model Vera was nice and sleepy during her shoot.

Vera looks beautiful in the purple wrap and flower headband! Her little pouty lips and big cheeks are just too cute for words!

Vera's Newborn Pick Your Pose Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

It was actually hard to stop photographing little Vera, she was such a sweet model and we just loved the colors in this gallery and the poses the family chose! We hope to be seeing Vera back again in the studio soon!