As much as time will allow I try to make something for each of my cake smash sessions.  Whether it’s a background, or a banner, or even a headband, I want to add my special touch.  Those who know me know that I suffer from being creative, but not artistic.  The difference is that I can make something using other things, but I cannot create from scratch.  If I was challenged to draw a dog on a piece of paper I would fail miserably!  Weird, I know.  But fabric makes sense in my creative little head, so here’s how I made the banner for Trustin’s cake smash session.

The finished product.

Always check the clearance rack. This is at Hobby Lobby, and I got lucky and found all the colors I needed.

I spent less than $10.00 on fabric, used twine from my kitchen, and used my rotary cutter and cutting board. A pair of scissors would work just as well.

I cut all the fabric into one inch wide pieces.

This is what I had after I finished cutting everything.

Then I looped them around the twine and pulled them tight.

This is what it looked like hung up on the wall before the shoot.