So it’s time to start organizing for spring mini-sesisons and I wanted to post my top ten reasons why you should schedule a mini-session with 11 Sixteen Photography.  This won’t be as good as a David Letterman top ten, but here it goes:

10. I’ve been cooped up all winter and the weather is finally nice.

9. The bank account has finally recovered from Christmas.

8. I don’t know what else to get anyone for Mother’s Day.

7. I’m thinking about a full session with 11 Sixteen and want to give her a try first.

6. When else are the kids going to wear those nice Easter clothes again before they are outgrown?

5. No major milestones to celebrate right now, but it would be nice to have some pictures anyway.

4. I’m tired of looking at the same old pictures in the frames and I need something new.

3. I just feel like torturing my hubby by dressing him up, making him corral the kids, and smile at the camera.

2. I just miss Kelly and want to see her (ha! ha!).

1. The kids have grown so much since the last time we had pictures taken!