I love sharing images from sessions on my Facebook page and in blog posts, but that is only a snapshot of what a complete session looks like.  I wanted to show you guys what a fully edited complete session looks like.  So this will be a long, picture rich post – enjoy!

This is from a Baby Basics session of 9 day old baby Kyle.  When shooting a Baby Basics session I typically aim for 2 different blankets and 2 different props (or 1 prop if we’re doing sibling or family shots).  I like to keep the styling to 2-3 colors and use various shades of those colors to tie everything together.  For this session we used turquoise and gray.  The poses will vary based on the baby and how cooperative they are.  I pretty much always start with the side pose wrapped and do the macro shots in that pose.

This package includes 15 images in color, and 5 (from the 15) in B&W.  These 15 images were selected from a gallery of 30 images (I took 92 images in the session and narrowed it down to 30).  I’m also including a sample of their birth announcement (25 announcements are included in this package).

Blanket #1 (side pose wrapped, macro shots, side pose unwrapped, and tushie up pose):

Kyle-1 Kyle-3 Kyle-4 Kyle-6 Kyle-7 Kyle-9 Kyle-10 Kyle-10bw Blanket #2 (taco pose, hands on chin pose, and froggy pose):

Kyle-16 Kyle-19 Kyle-19bw Kyle-22Prop #1

Kyle-23 Kyle-24 Kyle-25Prop #2

Kyle-27 Kyle-27bw Kyle-29And last, but not least, the birth announcement.  The template was chosen by the parents from Birdesign Shop and I customized it and had them printed.  Turnaround time for this session, which is pretty typical for me, was 6 days from receiving selections from mom and dad.  Their session was on the 11th, I sent them their gallery on the 13th, they returned selections on the 16th, had their announcement proof and approved it on the 17th, announcements arrived from the printer on the 21st, and on the 22nd I completed and mailed their CD and announcements.

Diptych 1