I was a little nervous going into my session with newborn baby girl Alexis Hope.  Her mom is a photographer!!!  On my list of worries was what if she doesn’t like my props/studio, what if she thinks my technique is bad, what if her photographer friends see the pictures and think they’re not good enough.  I had also never met her before, so I was also worried that she might try to tell me what to do, or critique me mid-session, or try to show me how to do things/poses that aren’t my style.  WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG!  It was really like a dream come true.  In comes this super sweet photographer and her adorable family (including a brand new baby who slept like a bear in hibernation).  We had so much fun getting to know each other and exchanging creative ideas.  We got to try some techniques and poses that we both have been wanting to work on.  And she even took some pullback shots of our session that I am going to use in another blog post soon.  I will officially say that on this day I gained valuable experience, portfolio worthy pictures, and a new friend!