Beckett’s mom contacted me after a disappointing newborn session with another photographer.  The pictures didn’t turn out the way she’d imagined, and she knew every day that passed her baby boy was growing out of his newborn phase.  I’m so glad she brought him to my studio, and at 5 weeks old I was amazed at how wonderful he was.  He literally did not open an eye the entire session.  We had a great time, and I look forward to watching him grow!

The poses in order of the photos are: Keri Meyers hands on cheeks and wrapped, same as the first but with a Macro lens, tushie up on prop, hands on chin, back in basket, and froggy (a pose reserved for the most cooperative and sleepy babies).

Beckett-2 Beckett-6 Beckett-14 Beckett-8 Beckett-11 Beckett-10