I don’t get out often!  With two small kids ain’t that the truth!  What I really mean is I don’t get out of my newborn studio often.  Most of my clients prefer to come to me.  But when asked, I am more than happy to pack up and shoot a newborn session in a client’s home.  Caroline’s mom had a tough delivery and ended up with a C-section, plus she really wanted to get some images of her new baby and her “furry baby” Winston.  The fun part about shooting on location is that I see things differently.  Maybe it’s the lighting or just the space, but I tend to try new angles and things when I’m on location.

This image was shot on their kitchen table (with mom nearby for extra security).  When she was taking a feeding break I noticed how beautiful the wood was and it had a great double window, so I decided to do this setup on the table.  When mom wasn’t looking I moved all the chairs and placemats and before she knew it I had transformed her kitchen table into a beautiful backdrop.