11 Timeline - Counting to 100

2013 has been an amazing year in my business.  I have to extend a special thank you to all of my clients for trusting me to capture their sweet babies.  One year ago I set a goal of photographing 40 newborns in 2013, and I blew that out of the water with 67 newborn babies in front of my camera.  Looking ahead to 2014 I have decided to go big and set a goal of 100 newborns (thanks to a few fans who encouraged me to do it)!  The only way I can meet that goal is with the referrals and support of my friends and clients.  Here’s a few highlights about what my business will look like this year:


The price of admission – I’m happy to share that for at least the first half of 2014 I will not be changing my pricing structure from what it is now.  If you’d like to see what that is {click here}.


Something looks different – I have been sneak peeking and blogging all types of sessions, but moving forward I will mostly be sharing images from Newborns, Little Stars, and Cake Smashes.  I’m not quitting older children and families, I will still be shooting those sessions with limited bookings (and mini-sessions – don’t worry).  I have also developed relationships with other local photographers who focus on family and lifestyle sessions so that I can be sure my clients are properly taken care of if I cannot accommodate your session requests.


Sticking to my guns – One thing I learned last year was that over extending myself leads to a stressed out mama and not enough time to prepare for each session.  I will be sticking to my balanced workload of 4 sessions per week.  I will be working one day on the weekend (either Saturday or Sunday depending on the bookings) so that I have one complete day to spend with my family.  With a goal of 100 newborns, that translates to 2 newborns per week.  That leaves 2 sessions per week for Little Stars and Cake Smashes.  For my clients that means booking early for those sessions so that I can be sure to have space for you.


Moving on – We’ve been looking for a new house for a while now and I’m hoping that 2014 is the year of the move.  We’ve been in our house for 6+ years (I actually found out I was pregnant with Jack the day after we moved in).  We would like to be closer to his school, my husband would like less yard to take care of, and I would like to bring the studio into my home.  The toughest part of finding a suitable home is finding the right setup for a professional studio in my home.  I won’t be going far, 10 minutes away from my current location at the most.


Ever been to Minnessota – Also ahead in June of this year is a planned mentoring session with Jennifer Nace and Caralee Case at their Creative Captures Workshop {more on that here}.  I’m looking forward to learning their colorful style and crisp imagery.


A huge thank you to everyone who supported my business in 2013 and here’s to making 2014 even better – CHEERS!