The two winning images are:

Hunter Ann’s black and white negative image with 56 votes was the clear favorite.  A week after Hunter’s newborn session I messaged her mom, Melissa, and asked if she would come back and let my try some posing and lighting techniques with her.  I blogged about it here yesterday.  So that is mama Melissa holding her, and she’s wearing a Bella’s Bowtique  headband and a bracelet which was a gift from her grandmother.  I hope Melissa doesn’t mind me sharing this part, but right before this picture was taken Hunter peed all down Melissa’s arm and we laughed so hard!!! Thankfully I had thought ahead and put a blanket covering her lap, so no harm done!

Coming in second is Joiner Ann’s cream lace image with 28 votes.

Joiner Ann was the baby I traveled down to Charleston, South Carolina to photograph back in January.  Funny thing – this cream lace backdrop and wrap was not intended for babies at all.  I saw it at Marshalls discount store and loved the color and texture – it was a tube top juniors’ dress!  So I cut it apart and washed it and packed it with all my other props for my trip.  The part wrapped around the baby is the tube top, and the dress (cut open) makes for a beautiful fabric backdrop.  My favorite thing about this photograph is her tiny little toes, all lined up.

Thanks to everyone for participating and making a fun event out of choosing the cover photos for my next two doctor office albums!