I love to answer questions posted by fans on my Facebook page.  This one comes from Carley W. and she asks:

Q: “Do you pick colors and backdrops to compliment the skin tone of your little subjects?”

A: Yes!  When a session is booked I have a conversation with the parents to discuss the colors they envision for their session.  Sometimes it is nursery colors, sports teams, favorite colors, or I’m given a general direction and I take it from there.  The day before a session I spend time in the studio looking through my “stash” of props, blankets, hats, and headbands.  If I have something new that I’m excited to use, or something that a vendor has sent that they would like photographed I try to use that as a starting point to build my collection.  I use cream as a standard color in all my collections.  Cream works with every baby regardless of their coloring.  I like everything in a session to coordinate so that when all the pictures are looked at together in a gallery there is a common thread creating a unified look.

It’s nice when I get a text message with a picture of the baby so that I know exactly what their coloring is, but most of the time I have not seen them before the session.  I always pull extra props so that I can choose just the right ones during the session.  If a baby has dark skin then I’m not going to put a dark hat on them.  If a baby has lots of hair then I might not use a hat at all.  I try to purchase props and backdrops in colors that will work with any skin tone.  Very rarely will a baby come in and I have to make major changes to the collection I have put together.

Here are some examples of colorful combinations that work well for different skin tones.