The safety of my newborn clients is my highest priority!  Whenever I post an image like this one I always get lots of comments wondering how I do it.  With mom or dad’s help of course!

The simple explanation is that it starts out as two images, a top and a bottom.  I marry them in my computer into what is called a composite image.  Here are what the two before images look like.

Once I have all my settings correct, I ask whoever is helping me to gently remove one hand at a time while I take the shots.  When I’m editing I look for the two shots that are the closest in alignment and lay one on top of the other.  Then I simply erase the unwanted portion of the top picture to reveal the bottom image.  Once I have that set I crop and retouch the image before sharing it.  This pose, called the “froggy pose” is one of my favorites to do.  In order to do this successfully I need a very relaxed and very sleepy baby.  If baby is awake or extra squirmy, it’s best not to try this one.  Here are a few more finished images of the “froggy pose”.