Let me start off with acknowledging the terrible pun I’ve made on the Phil Collins song, but I love my studio so much I could sing about it.  I do offer on location sessions for clients who have a strong preference to have their session in their home, but I wanted to share a blog post about why I love my studio so much.  Please don’t interpret this as me being a grumpy old lady who never wants to leave her studio.  I’m happy to go on location from time-to-time.  I enjoy shooting in natural light and having a change of scenery.  But what sets me apart from other local photographers (besides my posing techniques) is the fact that I have a studio location to offer to clients.

  • Reason #1: CONTROL – I’ll openly admit that I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my sessions, but with good reason.  My clients are spending their hard-earned money and they expect me to deliver the best pictures possible.  When I’m in my studio I’m able to completely control the lighting, the temperature (gotta keep those babies warm), the setups, hey even the sounds and smells.

  • Reason #2: STYLING – I love to have input from my families about their likes and dislikes prior to their sessions.  That way I am able to pull props, blankets, wraps, and headbands that suit their taste.  Everything is set out ahead of time, but occasionally I change my mind, or get an idea mid-session.  When it comes to selecting props, the size of the baby does matter.  I don’t always know how big the baby is before a session, so sometimes I have to pick bigger or smaller baskets to fit them better.  When I’m in my studio I have access to everything I own and changing props is no problem.

  • Reason #3: LIGHTING – This comes under the umbrella of control, but is the most important factor in producing good images.  If you don’t have good lighting, nothing else matters.  When I go on location my first preference is to find a good natural light source.  If it’s not ideal conditions, then I will set up my studio lighting.  I’d rather take 15 minutes to set it up and get great images, then work with bad natural light.  In my studio the lighting is always the same, so the images have a clean, bright, and consistent look.

  • Reason #4: CONVENIENCE – When I first built my studio I wasn’t totally sure that all the new mommies would want to take their brand new babies out of the house to have pictures taken.  I had done several on location sessions and more than a few sessions in my house (not fun to rearrange my dining room every other day by the way), and I was taking a leap of faith in building the studio.  I have been overwhelmingly surprised at how many parents comment that they love the studio and are actually relieved to be out of the house.  It gives them a chance to sit back and relax, watch TV, or talk on the phone without thinking of all the chores to be done at home.  That being said it is much easier on me to drive the 5 minutes from my house to the studio and be ready for a session vs. packing everything up and driving across town.

  • Reason #5: SAFETY – I go to great lengths to ensure cleanliness and safety in my studio.  Everything from the storage of the props, the position of the heaters, to the non-toxic cleaner I use on the floor.  Because I know it inside and out, I can relax in the studio knowing everything is in its correct place.  I know that a heater won’t tip over, I know that the changing pad is secured to the table, and I know that everything that touches the baby has been freshly laundered in Dreft baby detergent.  I can use my weights in the bottom of baskets to make sure they don’t tip over – all things that ensure the safety and health of your brand new baby.  Just like your home, I have made my studio space as comfortable as possible for everyone.