What happens when a foster mom is also a newborn photographer?  Yep…this happens!  A few days ago we welcomed Mama Paris and her three boy puppies into our home.  We will be fostering them until the puppies are eight weeks old and weaned from mama.  Mama and puppies will all be available for adoption through Richmond Animal Care and Control.  Here’s a link to RACC’s adoption website if you’re interested.  Mama is a chihuahua, and the puppies are mixed with ???  Once we get to know them a little better I’ll give you an update on personalities.  For now, the puppies sleep most of the time.  Tito is the smallest and also the lightest in color.  Messi is named after my son’s favorite soccer player.  His coloring is more red like his mama.  The biggest and darkest one is Love Bug, named by my daughter.  He’s getting ready to cut his first tooth any second.  Mama Paris is still a little scared, and rightfully so.  She’s had a rough few weeks.  She’s becoming my little sidekick, following me around the house wherever I go.  She even sat on the edge of the bathtub while I took a bath the other night.  She got a bath of her own today and did really well.  She likes the kids and is starting to get comfortable with us all holding her puppies.  I am so excited to spend some time with her, teaching her to trust, and letting her have some fun running in the yard.