tips & tricks

The best newborn photographs are taken when your baby is 7-14 days old.

Try to keep your newborn awake before your session. The best way to do this is to give them a bath. After the bath give them a really good feeding, then head on over to the studio.

Please dress baby in a button down outfit (pajamas are preferred, no onesies, please) so we don’t have to pull anything over their head while undressing them.

It is never a problem to stop for a feeding during your session.  If you can bring a bottle of milk/formula, that will be very helpful as we will be able to feed baby easily and efficiently.  If you are exclusively nursing, it is fine to stop for that as well.

Even if your baby doesn’t typically use a pacifier, please bring one.

The studio is kept at 84 degrees for newborn sessions, dress accordingly.

There will be beverages and snacks for your comfort in the parent lounge during your session.

It never fails the second you remove a diaper, babies like to pee. Not to worry, we wash all our wraps and blankets after each session.

Our style includes a lot of naked baby shots. If you are not comfortable with your baby being photographed naked, please let us know in advance so that we can have extra wraps and blankets prepared.

If you are including siblings in your session, these shots are done at the beginning of your session.  We will provide more detailed information on working with newborns and siblings prior to your session.