These 2 were an absolute pleasure to photograph, AS USUAL! Both Liam and Kara were excited for their outdoor sibling photoshoot! We met these 2 and their sweet mom Dana at the home studio for their shoot, then

decided to take a quick trip around the block to the field of pretty cherry blossom trees. Since it hadn’t gotten too hot out to do photos, we decided to make it an entirely outdoor shoot!

We have photographed these 2 ever since Kara was a newborn!

It isn’t hard to photograph these 2, honestly you give them both just a little direction and they both naturally pose so perfect and cute!

You would think that taking photos on the side of a busy road would be distracting for children’s photography but they were angels and didn’t even look at the cars zooming by on the other side of the fence.

It’s important for a photographer to have several places to photograph outside and this is a spot we come to often.

We love that its right around the corner from the studio and we think it photographs beautifully.

These close ups were a few of our favorites from the day! They both have such sweet smiles and beautiful brown eyes!

Liam and Kara's outdoor sibling photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We already want to see these 2 back for another session! They were such a pleasure to photograph and made for such adorable sibling photos!