I’m feeling a little too wordy for Facebook this morning, so here’s a blog post to explain what’s on tap for this week.  I’m taking two weeks off from shooting (except for a couple of newborns who have arrived).  Reason #1 is to get caught up on my editing and reason #2 is to rest a little bit before fall mini-sessions and another round at Janie and Jack begin.

My October/November are shaping up to look like this: 23 mini-sessions and 5 full family sessions – all with holiday cards included, two full days of shooting at the Short Pump Janie and Jack store in late October, and I can’t even count the newborns that are booked for these next two months!  I am feeling beyond blessed to have so much work, and I’m one lucky lady to have so many fabulous clients!

I will be announcing a holiday Little Star session special which will run from October 1st – December 5th.  These will be for babies 2-12 months old (and may include siblings).  Sessions must be in the studio and on a weekday (my normal shooting days are Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2).

Then there’s the office work that is piling up so high I think it might tip over and swallow me whole!

  1. Clean up my hard drive and remove old files.  Note to clients:  I will be keeping all images that were ordered for CDs and purging all other images.
  2. Get my receipts and taxes all caught up and organized.
  3. Mr. iMac has an appointment at the Apple store on Wednesday to get some more memory so he can work faster – YAY!

I’m also planning a bunch of work around the house as we start to consider putting our house on the market and looking for a new house!  What!  Yep I said it – the Frankenburgs might be moving!!!  No worries, we’re only looking to move about 10 miles away from where we are now to be closer to my son’s school.  We’re also thinking about finding a house with a studio space so that I can be in one place.  Right now my studio is about 7-8 minutes from my house, which is really convenient, but I imagine myself having a bigger, more comfortable studio space in the future.  I keep driving through the neighborhood where I grew up and hoping that I can find a house there to give my kids the amazing childhood that I had.

So now it’s time to trim the bushes, stain the deck, clean out the closets, touch up the paint, and start to consider the possibilities….

Like I said, mission #1 is to get caught up on my editing and deliver CDs to those who are waiting!  Time to get ‘er done!  Everybody have a great week, and don’t worry if it’s a little quiet around here.  I’ll be back soon!