It’s pretty obvious how much fun babies have at their first birthday cake smash sessions.  But once you’ve been there, done that – what do you do for your second birthday?  You have a paint splash session!  What the heck is that?  Well,  I roll out the white paper and your almost two-year-old wears a white outfit, and I provide them a blank canvas to create some artwork and get really messy.  The paint is washable and non-toxic (obviously) and the mess is generally contained on the paper.

The beginning of your session is just like a regular shoot – normal clothes (as casual or as dressy as you like) and different backdrops.  Then we change clothes for the paint splash part.  For a limited time I will be offering these sessions for $125 – until I have done enough to have all the kinks worked out.

My first volunteer was just turned two year old Charlotte!  With her mom being an art teacher, she took her painting very seriously.  She was actually a lot cleaner than I thought she would be, and she definitely had a good time.