Here’s a tutorial on how to make this faux wood floor using scrapbook paper.  Time spent: 3.5 hours (including drying time) for a total cost of $19.06!  I also made the banner too ($3.18).

I was in the scrapbooking aisle of Hobby Lobby (aka my favorite place on earth) looking for scrapbook paper to make the banner shown in the picture and saw this pretty colored paper that looked like a wood floor.  I’d been wanting to purchase a whitewashed wood floor for the studio, but wasn’t digging the $100 expense, so I figured I’d give it a try.  At the worst I’d be out a few bucks and one evening of just sitting around watching TV with the hubby.  Please pardon the cell phone quality pics, but I wasn’t about to put my sticky fingers all over my nice camera.


1 large piece of foam board $4.99

12 sheets of scrapbook paper @ $0.59 each

1 jar of matte finish ModPodge $6.99

ModPodge the back of the scrapbook paper to the foam board and let dry for two hours.

Once you get all the papers down and dried, apply two coats of ModPodge over the top. I did two coats b/c it might get used for a cake smash and I wanted to give it extra protection.


After letting it dry for 48 hours, it was time to put it in action. You can see the finished product in the first shot of this post.