Babies turning one get a cake smash session, and something new I’ve been doing is a paint splash session for toddlers turning two.  Now I’ve been asked what I’m going to do for a kid on their third birthday.  I have no idea, but I’m going to start thinking about it.

A paint splash session is just like a cake smash, we start out with shots in a regular outfit on some props like a vintage chair or wooden crate, then we move onto the painting part.  Just like a cake smash it is done on seamless backdrop paper (for easy cleanup).  Either mom or kid chooses the paint colors (non-toxic Crayola washable paint) and off we go.  Now that my studio bathroom is officially up and running, cleanup is a breeze!

The kids are having a great time, parents love to watch their kids be creative, and I clean up all the mess.  Just like the cake smash, all paint splash sessions come with a 16″ x 20″ standout collage.  The great thing about the standout is that is comes ready-to-hang so you don’t have to purchase a frame.