Sebastian’s newborn photoshoot with blues, grey’s and whites by 11 Sixteen Photography

We had the pleasure of photographing baby Sebastian for his newborn photoshoot with his parents! This was such a fun shoot, both of Sebastian’s parents are

professional dancers with the Richmond Ballet, so we were able to capture some beautiful unique images that showed off their dance background.

Here in the studio, we love bringing a family’s personality into the shoot, it really helps to personalize the photos and make them uniquely special to those family members.

We were asked specifically by Valerie, Sebastian’s mom, to take these photos of dad’s hands and we just couldn’t decide if we preferred the

original color version or the black and white version more, they both show just how little and precious Sebastian is.

We were so happy to have little Sebastian wake up for long enough to show us his gorgeous eyes! Isn’t he just the most precious baby!?

Sebastian's newborn blue. white and grey photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Both of Sebastian’s parents are Professional Dancers with the Richmond Ballet, so we thought it would be fun to incorporate that into at least one pose, and

this one came out so cute! This photo ended up being the canvas that they ordered for their home, not only is it meaningful because its their newborn son, but also

because it brings their background and talent into the photo.

Sebastian’s parents asked for a party shot and we were able to capture this hilarious photo while he was in the froggy pose. We had grandma throw a handful of confetti

for this shot, and the second the confetti pieces hit Sebastian, he woke right up! Luckily, this was the last shot of the day and we are so happy it turned out!

We already can’t wait to see Sebastian and his parents back into the studio for their 6 month shoot! This newborn photoshoot was so much fun and turned out so precious!


Bettina’s Product Photography photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

This was a fun product photography shoot we did a few months back! Here’s a link to the Etsy shop where you can see these clothes in Bettina’s shop for yourselves! We LOVE and want everything!

 Sparkled With Grace

Bettina's Product Photography

Sophia’s cowgirl themed 3rd birthday party photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We celebrated Sophia’s 3rd birthday and had the best time during this cowgirl photoshoot birthday! She was so much fun and a little ball of energy!

You can really see Sophia’s personality in these photos, she made it really easy because she’s just so darn cute!

I think you can tell how much fun she had during this birthday session!

Sophia has grown so much in the last year, we first photographed her for her 2nd birthday party photoshoot last year.

Her parents go all out for her birthdays, last years theme was race car, which turned out so cute!

Here is the link to her photo gallery last year!

This year her cowgirl theme was over the top precious.

Her mom brought in just the cutest outfits, which made for great photos!

Just look how much fun she had dancing around showing off her pretty little birthday dress!

Sophie's 3rd cowgirl themed birthday party photos by 11 Sixteen Photography

Just look at those beautiful eyes, Sophie was such a pleasure to photograph, her fun personality was infectious! We already can’t wait to see her again in the studio!

Makenna’s 6 month spring photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Six month old baby Makenna was all smiles at her spring photoshoot here at 11 Sixteen Photography. This really was just the funnest shoot!

We decided to go with a simple and fresh look for this spring shoot and Makenna looked gorgeous in these little pink and yellow outfits her mom brought in.

Just look at those eyes! We were so lucky to have such a happy baby in the studio, she was bright eyed and smiling the entire time!

Don’t you just want to give this little one a huge hug? She looks like she wants to hug the camera!

Makenna's 6 month spring shoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We are so happy to have Makenna join in on our Baby’s 1st Year program!

She was here for her newborn shoot 6 months ago back in October, and was absolutely stunning!

P.S – This is Molly the studio manager and apparently we are just finding out that SOMEONE..(ahem ahem Kelly) never blogged Makeena’s newborn shoot back in October.

This is an absolute travesty to keep these photos of beautiful Makeena to ourselves, SO I have also added her gallery of newborn images below! Now you can see how

much this little beauty has grown! She totally rocked both photoshoots so far and we already can’t wait to have her in the studio again for her 1st year Cake Smash Session!

Newborn twin brothers photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We were so pleased to be able to photograph these adorable newborn twin boys, Yasin and Yazin!

This beautiful family is from Jordan and was such a joy to photograph. Big sister Talia was really helpful and sweet with her new twin brothers,

she was a natural in front of the camera too!

Brothers Yasin and Yazin were super sleepy during their photoshoot which made for adorable photos of them together.

Newborn twin brothers photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The only thing more fun than photographing newborns, is being able to photograph newborn twins!

Claire’s Newborn Photoshoot with siblings By 11 Sixteen Photography

Clarie's newborn photoshoot with siblings by 11 Sixteen Photography