Ander’s 3rd birthday photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Welcome back into the studio Anders! This little man turned three years old! We can’t hardly believe how the time flies by! We photographed Anders second birthday

outdoors at the studio last year and he ask grown so much! Those sweet big brown eyes haven’t changed at all though, Anders is still just as sweet as he could be! We were so happy to see him again!

Anders always totally rocks his sessions! When he was just 1 year old during his cake smash session, he was such a champ! He smiled during every shot, its not hard to capture this little guy’s expressions!

Anders was the perfect candidate for a cake smash photoshoot, he loved every second of smashing and eating his cake, he wasn’t afraid to get messy one bit!

When we took the shoot outdoors, Anders was thrilled! He just eats up attention and is a complete joy to photograph! We loved his big boy outfits his mom chose too!

Sometimes it can be hard to choose between an image in black and white and that same image in color, so we decided why not give them both!

We didn’t do a huge elaborate birthday theme this year, at the parents request but these balloon shots turned out to be some of our absolute favorites in the gallery!

Ander's Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Anders was so playful with the balloons, he did an amazing job during his shoot and we can’t wait until we see him in the studio again!

Blanco Twins 6 month Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The Blanco twins were back for their 6 month photoshoot! We were so happy to see these 2 again! They are getting bigger and bigger and its just crazy because we remember their newborn shoot

like it was yesterday! We are just completely eaten up with love for these two boys! They are always so much fun to have in the studio!

If you think 1 newborn is fun in the studio, imagine 2! Their newborn session was a memorable one for us and we can’t believe they are already back for their 6 month session!

These 2 6 month olds were a blast during their shoot! They have 2 adorable and unique personalities already! It’s so fun to watch how alike and how different twins are!

These boys gave us lots of smiles, giggles, wide eyes and poses during their shoot and we couldn’t have had more fun looking through their gallery afterwards!

These boys look so much alike and yet so different at the same time, its really a lot of fun to see how they grow into their own personalities and looks!

We were completely in love with their twin jean overalls! They couldn’t have looked sweeter!

We actually did a Mommy and Me session with these 2 and their older brother during our Mothers May special and it was so nice to see them again!

When we took the session outdoors, these 2 loved every second of it! They are curious little guys which made for the best outdoor shots!

When we were going through the gallery after the shoot and saw these expressive faces the boys gave us, we were thrilled! It’s the kind of job where you have to be quick quick quick, and your always hoping

you captured that perfect smile or that perfect expression and we felt like these 2 were just great models during their shoot! It’s always fun getting those cute moments on camera while making

crazy sounds, blowing bubbles and a variety of other tricks we have up our sleeves!

Blanco Twins Summer Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

It was so nice seeing the Blano family again, we can’t wait to see them for the holidays or even their 1st year birthday parties!

Welcome to the world sweet Juliana! She was in the studio for her newborn session and completely rocked her shoot!

This little one gave us a variety of expressions, eyes open shots and sleeping shots! It was such a great photoshoot, we just love this job!

We are completely in love with how sweet and cute Juliana’s Stork shot turned out, she looks so comfortable and aware! We just love her big wide eyes open and the little

floral headband we placed on her! The stork shot has become one of our favorites!

Juliana was game for whatever we wanted during her shoot, she didn’t mind being changed or posed one bit! We love newborn side rolls in photos and tiny feet!

The little bear ears on Juliana worked perfectly in this grey scene, she looks all snug in the rug! We just love this photo and this was definitely a family favorite!

When parents tell us they want to be photos with their children, it always makes our day! We love incorporating parents into our newborn sessions, they make for just sweet moments!

We always feel so lucky to be included in these memories!

Juliana's green and purple newborn shoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thanks so much for choosing 11 Sixteen Photography as your studio! We already can’t wait to see Juliana for her 6 month session!

Isla’s 1st Birthday Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Isla’s 1st birthday photoshoot was a success! She had a blast during her cake smash and ate that cake right up! This little one loves to smile and loves attention, which made for some adorable photos!

We loved the color’s that Isla’s family chose for her Birthday, she looks absolutely adorable in her cute little crown headband!

Isla gave us lots of expressions, smiles, giggles, and poses during her shoot, which made going through her gallery so much fun! It’s always our favorite part

going through all of the photos and seeing those sweet memories again!

This little one year old has the most gorgeous big brown eyes that made our photos really pop! We could just eat her up!

Wardrobe change! Isla’s mom brought in the sweetest little dress to put her in and the little white bow in her hair and one of our pretty little headbands! She just couldn’t have been any cuter!

This floral spring time background we created really photographed well behind Isla too, it’s always fun coming up with new scene ideas for our shoots!

One of our favorite shoots we did during the spring was Isla’s pink floral 6 month session, we thought this one turned out stunning!

We also did a cute mommy and me shoot with Isla and her mom for our Mothers May special earlier this spring! These sessions were some of our most

memorable from the year, full of sweet moments!

Next we took Isla outside and boy was she happy to be out in the sunshine! She was curious about everything and just loved those bubbles we were blowing for her photos!

Her smile says it all! It has been fun watching her grown this past year! We remember like it was yesterday when she was in the studio for her newborn session!

Isla's 1st Birthday Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Last but not least, we did our cute ONE photoshoot! We love these, they always turn out so unique and really have lots of personality! When these are printed and hung up,

they always end up being a family favorite! Thanks Isla for being our fun little model in the studio! We already can’t wait to have you and your family back in here again soon!

Haven’s Soccer field photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

I think we had just as much fun as Haven did during her photoshoot in the studio for her birthday! We took this session our of the studio and all the way to the soccer fields!

Haven’s mom wanted a selection of outdoor themed photos to choose a canvas print from for her walls, so we went to the soccer fields, kicked a ball around and played barefoot under a tree in the grass!

This was such a fun shoot, we had a great time running around and we think the photos turned out so cute! Who doesn’t love a great action shot!

When it was time to put the ball down, and take a few shots in the shade of the trees, it was warming up outside! Time to take the shoot back into the studio!

Haven’s sweet smiling face was easy to capture in photos, she really lights up the studio. We loved how the pink, white and black theme turned out in her shoot too!

The suspenders she chose to wear in her session were perfect! Haven turned 3 years old, we remember when we was just a little thing, now she’s a big girl!

Haven's Soccer field photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We hope to be seeing Haven again soon, we always have such a fun time with this girl! Keep on smiling pretty Haven!

Emery’s purple newborn session by 11 Sixteen Photography

Emery was in the studio for her newborn session this summer, and can we say GORGEOUS!  This little angel was such a joy to photograph!

Her session was mainly purples and grey’s and she looked stunning in each item we paired with her.

These little tushy up photos of Emery are probably our favorites from the shoot. She was wearing just the cutest little lacy shorts and matching headband, with her long dark hair,

and cute side rolls, we think these photos turned out so precious! Emery is even smiling in one of her photos and it’s completely contagious. She makes us smile every time we look at her gallery!

When we introduced the hammock photo back into our shoots several months ago, we were stunned at how popular it was with our clients. It does make for the sweetest photos.

Emery looks so relaxed and cosy in her hammock, we always love how these turn out! It takes a few extra hands, but we think its definitely worth it.

We love going through the prop closet searching for just the right clothes, props and blankets to use in each session. This fussy little gray hat is most definitely one of our favorites. It always

photographs so cute. We are lucky to work with some of the greatest newborn clothing vendors, it’s fun ordering new items each season!

So this photo of Emery on the grey furry rug, we think is definitely canvas worthy! She opened her eyes for us and we were so lucky she did too! The big purple bow, is just the icing on the cake in this photo!

Emery was giving us some sassy pouty lips during her session, she had us laughing the whole shoot with her cuteness!

Emery's purple newborn session by 11 Sixteen Photography

Welcome to the world tiny Emery, we loved having you in the studio and can’t wait to see you again soon!