The Lapins Family Mommy and Me photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The Lapins family mommy and me photoshoot for mothers day was a sweet and memorable one! Little Man as he is known around the studio, was such a trooper during this shoot!

The silly playfulness in these photos are exactly what these shoots are all about. We loved being able to capture these sweet fun moments between mom and son.

Just look at Little Man’s big beautiful eyes and sweet smile! These Mother’s May photos were a great way to see a bunch of new faces in the studio and also a bunch of old ones too!

We have photographed this Little Man since he was about two years old and it’s always such a fun time. His sessions are full of smiles, big laughs and a sweet eager to please personality.

What more could we ask for right!

Lapins Family Mothers May Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The bubble machine is a tool we often use here in the studio to capture children’s attention, only this time, we didn’t need it to get his attention, we instead used it because

it made for cute fun photos, and he really enjoyed trying to catch the bubbles with mom. Their love and fun energy made for a fun morning here in the studio.

Thanks for attending our Mommy and Me photoshoot special, it was so nice to see these two again, we already can’t wait to have them back!

We will make sure to have a full bubble machine ready to go next time too!

Blanco Family Mommy and Me Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The beautiful Blanco family was back in the studio for their Mommy and Me Photoshoot with the twin boys Boston and Bishop and their older brother Beckett!

We were so happy they decided to partake in our Mommy and Me special for Mothers May, we were hoping to see those boys again! They were so sweet during their photoshoot,

older brother Beckett was just the absolute sweetest. He is so gentle and loving with his baby brothers, you can really see the love and joy they bring him all over his face.

We don’t have to try very hard to get Beckett to smile, he is always such a sweet boy, he loves having his photo taken, we have been photographing Beckett since he was only 5 weeks old.

It’s always fun to have twins in the studio, that way Photographer Kelly and Studio Manager Molly both have a sweet baby to hold and play with. These 3 month olds were wide awake, curious and making us laugh

during their shoot. While one of them had their special photo time with mom, the other was being held by Molly. It was nice to see these boys again just a few months after their

newborn shoot. During their newborn session, they were only 2 weeks old and were sleeping during the majority of the time, though that’s easiest and the perfect time for

a newborn session, it’s also nice to see a little of their personality’s as they grow and age. We love seeing all the different stages our baby clients go through, it’s so fun to watch them grow!

We definitely think that Boston and Bishop are already looking so much like big brother Beckett! Here is Beckett at only 6 months old, he was such a little cutie like these 2!

Blanco Family Mommy and Me Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thanks so much for having us photograph your special Mommy and Me photoshoot for Mothers Day this year. It was our pleasure,

we absolutely loved seeing everybody again and are looking forward to seeing these sweet boys again soon for their 6 month session! Only about 2 more months, the count down begins!Behind the scenes of the Blanco Family Mommy and Me photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Here is a behind the scenes photo of little Boston and Bishop during their Mommy and Me shoot, Kelly is behind the camera making funny little noises to

get both of their attention, she is always able to get children and babies to look at her with all of those funny little tricks she pulls out of her sleeve!

Smith Family Mothers Day Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The Smith family Mothers Day shoot was a sweet one full of love and smiles! These three were all in a fun, happy mood and were easy breezy to photograph!

We have photographed this beautiful family ever since Bennett was a newborn. Emery was in the newborn shoot with Bennett and has always been such a sweetie to photograph!

We love seeing a little playfulness and shyness in children’s photos, it makes for beautiful natural photos that the family will cherish forever!

Emery and Bennett were so well behaved and excited to be photographed, they each loved the special moments with their mom!

Emery and Bennett are such cute siblings, they get along so sweet and were eager to pose with each other for photos! These Mommy and Me shoots have been so enjoyable during the

entire month of May. We were lucky to receive such a big interest in these shoots.

Smith Family Mothers May Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thanks Smith family for allowing us to take these images for Mothers Day, we enjoyed this photoshoot very much! We already look forward to the next time we see y’all in the studio!

Nguyen family mommy and me photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The Nguyen Family Mommy and Me Photoshoot was a super cute one! We were so happy to have these three in the studio for their mothers day shoot!

Teresa and her two boys Nels and Landon were all laughs and smiles during their shoot! These three have such a sweet and special bond, it really shows in their photos too!

Teresa is such a wonderful boy mom, its fun to watch her play with the boys and be silly, and they just love her special attention!

You can just feel how naturally comfortable and happy these three were during their shoot, and it’s because we have been lucky enough to photograph this family since Landon was born!

We photographed both brothers last summer for our outdoor watermelon themed photoshoot, this was a really fun sibling shoot for us, everyone had such a fun time!

You can tell that Nel’s was super playful and fun of cute energy in front of the camera!

We sometimes use a little bubble machine as a tool to get children to look at the camera, and these three just had so much fun with it that we decided to use it in a few of our shots!

We loved the playful, silliness in this shoot, it made for a very fun morning here in the studio!

Landon, the youngest of the boys, has the cutest full head of hair! He has had that beautiful hair ever since he was born, he came out with a full head of hair which made for the cutest little newborn photos!

We love babies with a full head of hair! Is there anything cuter?

Nguyen Family Mommy and Me Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thanks Nguyen family for having us photograph your Mommy and Me photoshoot for our Mothers May special! We already can’t wait until we see y’all back in the studio again!


Luke’s newborn session with siblings by 11 Sixteen Photography

Luke had his newborn session here at the studio with his siblings and it was so precious! We loved the stork hanging shot, just look how tiny he looks!

Luke was such a sweet little boy during his shoot, he was so sleepy and had the cutest little baby cheeks and expressions!

The baby hammock pose we starting incorporating back into the sessions has become a favorite! Just look how cozy and sweet Luke looks in is hammock!

Honestly we couldn’t decide if we liked the photos in color or in black and white better so we gave them both! Why choose one one when you can have both right?

We love up close shots of newborns, they always end up being some of the favorites in the gallery for parents!

We were able to get both big brother Hank and big sister Ava in sibling shots with baby Luke and they turned out so cute! Hank gave his baby brother a kiss completely unprompted

which we caught on camera! We were so thrilled to be able to incorporate both siblings into his newborn shoot! Sibling shots are always some of the cutest in the bunch!

Luke's newborn session with siblings by 11 Sixteen Photography

Welcome to the world Lucas James! We already miss you and can’t wait to have you back in the studio again soon!

Kelly and Isla’s Mommy and Me Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Kelly and Isla came in for their Mommy and Me photoshoot for Mothers May and they had a blast!

We have photographed baby Isla since Kelly’s Maternity Photoshoot! We have made sure to use pink and white in every photoshoot so far!

Isla’s 6 month photoshoot back in march was one of our absolute favorites, she was so happy and the branches that we used in the shoot were actually picked fresh that morning from a neighbors yard.

We thought the blooms were too pretty not to use, they photographed beautifully!

Isla is always all smiles in her photoshoots! During her Newborn Photoshoot, she was just as happy as she could be! It has been so amazing to watch her grow this year!

We are just thrilled with her expressions in these photos! Her bright beautiful eyes and big grin are exactly what we were hoping to get during her Mommy and Me shoot!

This is Kelly’s first child and you can tell her parents just can’t get enough of her! We can’t either, we already want to see her back in the studio for another shoot!

Her big smile is infectious and her parents are just the sweetest, we have thoroughly enjoyed photographing these milestones for their family!

Kelly and Isla's mommy and me photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Thanks Nguyen family for sharing your baby girl with us here at the studio! Isla come back and see us soon!