The Sprinkel Family Photoshoot in Maymont Park by 11 Sixteen Photography

The Sprinkel Family Photoshoot was a beautiful shoot outside in Maymont Park during the nice spring weather we had. This was a fun shoot for us, an entirely outdoor shoot was a nice change for us, especially in the beautiful Maymont Park. This is a popular place for local photographers to use for photos and we think we were able to capture some really unique and sweet shots for this beautiful family. The bridge shots turned out just lovely because of the trees framing the family so naturally.

 We were lucky that the weather was gorgeous during our scheduled photoshoot outdoors.

The bridge shots are some of our favorites, there were actually quite a lot of people crossing the bridge during these shots, so we had to be super quick and wait for it to look secluded.

Honestly we are surprised and lucky that we don’t have tons of people walking around in the background of our photos, because the park was actually very busy because of the gorgeous weather.

These photos of baby Maddox and dad Matt are so sweet and we absolutely love how they turned out! We actually used these shots to promote out Fathers Day special we offered.

Maddox’s little blonde hair and big smile made for the absolute cutest photos! We had a great time with this shoot!

The Spinkel Family Photoshoot in Maymont Park by 11 Sixteen Photography

Is there anything more precious than sibling love? We just LOVED this shot of brothers Maddox and Mason!

The Spinkel Family Photoshoot in Maymont Park by 11 Sixteen Photography

When Mason wanted to show us how he could climb a tree, we said “go for it”! We love being able to capture these sweet family memories for our clients! Now wouldn’t the next family shoot be gorgeous if we photographed here in the fall?

Vera’s Pick Your Pose Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We have really enjoyed offering these Pick Your Pose sessions to our clients! We have really enjoyed allowing our clients to pick the poses they wish to see in their mini shoot. Each client is unique and wants a certain look. The hammock pose is one of our favorites it turns out precious and baby always looks so serine and natural in a hammock. This pose is on the more difficult side because it takes a few extra assistant hands but still a favorite nevertheless. We think that Vera’s hammock pose is simple adorable! She looks so relaxed!

It is always fun styling our newborn shoots, choosing the different color backdrops, blankets, wraps, clothing and headbands is a huge part of the creative process. We love how simple and sweet this Tushy Up pose looks with the cream backdrop blanket and the little off white pants and diamond headband. Baby has to be super sleepy for the hammock pose and the Tushy Up pose and luckily little model Vera was nice and sleepy during her shoot.

Vera looks beautiful in the purple wrap and flower headband! Her little pouty lips and big cheeks are just too cute for words!

Vera's Newborn Pick Your Pose Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

It was actually hard to stop photographing little Vera, she was such a sweet model and we just loved the colors in this gallery and the poses the family chose! We hope to be seeing Vera back again in the studio soon!

Olivia’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Olivia’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot was super sweet! Olivia has the cutest little smile and big long lashes that made for adorable photos! We just loved her shot adorable white dress her mom dressed her in for her shoot…AND she had a matching bracelet!

We fell in love after we saw these photos of Olivia, this was a fun gallery to go through and edit!

Photos of babies looking straight up laying on their backs are always a favorite pose of ours! Olivia was posing so precious and her smile just melts your heart!

There is something really beautiful about the simple white outfit on a white background. We always love how this simple look turns out in photos.

Olivia looks coupled up so small and adorable in this little white chair, its the perfect prop to show how much a baby has grown but also just how small they still are! Olivia looks so happy to be sitting in a chair that’s just her size too!

Olivia's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

The white outfit Olivia is wearing and the dark background photograph beautifully together! We have been loving the bucket prop for our Blissful Baby Photoshoot Specials and all of our little models have loved it too! Olivia’s bucket photos ended up being some of our absolute favorites from the shoot! She looks precious! We already hope to be seeing Olivia in the studio again soon!

Makenna’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Have you ever seen such a cute smile in your life! We are so lucky to be able to hang out with adorable newborns, babies, toddlers and children on a normal basis! This little cutie pie is Makenna, and she came in for our Blissful Baby Photoshoot special we had been offering here in the studio! We were so happy to hear that she was coming in for another shoot with us! We have photographed this sweet thing since we was a newborn! The most recent other photoshoot we have done of Makenna was her 6 month old photoshoot and her Mommy and Me photoshoot for our Mothers May deal we were offering for Mothers Day! She is always such a gorgeous little model and we LOVE seeing her in the studio as much as we can!

Every time we see Makenna her eyes get bigger and bluer and her smile gets bigger and more adorable! Makenna is such an expressive little girl!

When we put Makenna in the chair, she was SO happy! She had us cracking up because we could tell how excited she was that the chair was just her perfect little size!

We adored the pink floral dress that Makenna’s mom chose for her shoot, she looks so sweet and fancy, it was just perfect for these backdrops too!

We sat Makenna down in the bucket to photograph her and she was an instant little ball of energy! We quickly got these adorable shots and put her on the ground to crawl towards the camera. We love a crawling shot, and we think Makenna’s turned out just a precious as it possibly could! Look at her big eyes and sweet little smile! It’s hard not to just pick her up and hug her the entire time she is in the studio!

Makenna's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We have used this backdrop recently for these Blissful Baby shoots with the colorful quilt and just have loved how they have turned out! We already can’t wait until the next time we have sweet Makenna in the studio!

Lorelai’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Lorelai’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot was an especially cute one! Big smiles, piggy tails, ruffles and a little 2 piece! That sounds like the perfect combination for an exceptionally cute  photoshoot!

It turns out when you flip over a bucket, it becomes a drum! Lorelai figured that out quickly too! We just fell in love with these expressive shots of her playing in the bucket! She couldn’t have posed for us better!

This little 2 piece outfit, bunny ear sandals and big bow have us completely obsessed! We think little Lorelai know she looked good too!

We just love capturing big smiles, and laughs and these photos of Lorelai have no shortage of that! We had a great morning in the studio with this little one!

Honestly is there anything more adorable than tiny little pig tails? We don’t think so either! We love wardrobe changes, hair style changes, big bows, different headbands and anything that the parents request as a change during their shoot to make the photos all a little unique and have a slightly different look!

Lorelai's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

We already hope to see precious little Lorelai back in the studio again soon for another shoot! With a big smile and expressive eyes like that, she NEEDS to be photographed! Thanks for coming to our Blissful Baby photoshoot special, it was wonderful to capture these memories!

Eliana’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

Eliana’s Blissful Baby Photoshoot was full of smiles and polka dots! We just loved the cute little outfits Eliana’s mom chose for her to wear in her shoot too!

When we initially offered these Blissful Baby Photoshoots, we honestly had no idea how popular they would be and it really has been a fun new type of shoot to offer!

Precious little Eliana was just a doll baby during her shoot with us! She was curious, smiling, playful and would look directly into the lens where we would then be able to capture her big beautiful eyes. Don’t you just love how her cute little hair curls ever so slightly on the sides too? Nothing is funner than being able to capture children during some of their first big milestones in life!

The second we put little Eliana on the day bed scene, she came to life! We just LOVE how the standing photo of her came out, she looks like she is ready to start jumping on the bed!

Every now and again, the perfect photo just sort of happens, with a little coaxing and a lot of patience and experience, sometimes you just capture that perfect smile, laugh, moment, or look that makes the entire shoot so worth it! That is definitely the fun part of our job! We think this photo of Eliana looking down into the bucket is one of those special kind of moments! We always try to capture the long beautiful eye lashes on our little models but this particular photo, is a perfect example of that! She looks so sweet, we love the white outfit up against this dark background, she looks like she just crawled right into that bucket to play and we just snapped the photo at the right time!

We decided to just keep snapping away because little Eliana was just so photogenic and was truly having a great time, we hate to just stop the fun!

Recently this blueish green backdrop was donated to us from a fellow photographer friend and we are just LOVING how it looks for these Blissful Baby Photoshoots! The quilt in this shoot was a treasure found at a vintage shop here in town, and boy are we happy we scooped it up! It has been a wonderful addition to our photos this year already and it looks amazing with this blueish green backdrop too!

Eliana's Blissful Baby Photoshoot by 11 Sixteen Photography

This last photo was a special request by this little young cutie! We were finishing up Eliana’s photoshoot and her big sister sat down and said “take my picture too”! So obviously we said “Gladly”!  Both big sister and little sister were wearing polka dot outfits! Isn’t it just too cute when you dress your kids in matching outfits!